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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Blue Christmas Tutorial

Blue Christmas Tube of choice, I used Suzanne Woolcott Scrap used Blue Christmas by X-Clusively Christy Scraps
(Full Size Kit used for Tut) Font of choice I used Vera Crouz Graphic Program of choice, I use PSP 9
I had a request from Charlene to write a tut for my header tag This tutorial assumes you have working knowledge of paint shop pro, All of my tutorials are my own creation and any similarity with any other tutorial is purely coincidential. Please do not copy my tutorials to anyplace, please link back to my blog!
Open a new image 750x750 and flood fill white, (you can ALWAYS resize later, I like having plenty of room to work) Open xcd_bluechristmas_paper11 resize this by 19% and c/p as a new layer apply a mask of choice I used WSL_mask254 I turned the opacity down to 50 on my mask Now lets open xcd_bluechristmas_frameblueglitter c/p as a new layer and resize this by 85% now lets open xcd_bluechristmas_frame1 c/p as a new layer and resize this by 70% now grab your raster deform tool and click on the mask layer and stretch it out just a bit on each side and do the same with the glitter frame layer, now lets open xcd_bluechristmas_paper1 resize this by 19% c/p as a new layer below the silver frame layer, now grab your magic wand and click inside that frame, modify and expand by 9% now invert your selection and go to the paper layer you just pasted and hit delete, now lets open xcd_bluechristmas_snowflakeframe c/p as a new layer right above the glitter frame layer, resize this by 70% and have it peeking out from behind the bottom right of the frame, now lets open xcd_bluechristmas_greenery1 c/p as a new layer resize this by 35% now we will be duplicating this a few times and also mirror it and rotate it a bit, we are building our greenery that peeks out at the top left and bottom right of the tag, we will also use xcd_bluechristmas_greenery resized by 35% and xcd_bluechristmas_greenerywhite resized by 35%, this is your tag so add as much or as little as you like, rotating etc how you like Now lets open xcd_bluechristmas_bluebow3 c/p as a new layer resize this by 35% now mirror and place at the top left of your frame, I rotated mine to the right by 15% now open xcd_bluechristmas_candy c/p as a new layer and resize this by 14% and rotate to the right by 18% place in the center of the bow your just added, now open xcd_bluechristmas_bluebow1 c/p as a new layer and resize this by 30% and mirror it, now place it over the center of the bow and candy cane you just placed, Now open xcd_bluechristmas_blueornament and c/p as a new layer, you want to move this layer below the bows and right above the frame layer, resize this by 26% now rotate to the left by 6% now we want to duplicate this and mirror it, move it down just a bit now paste the same ornament again resize again like above this time DONT rotate it move it down just a bit (now the next step you can do 2 ways you can either just paste another ornament over top of the one on the string or you can grab your selection tool and carefully select the dark blue ball and then delete it and then paste another ornament over that string at the tip end) open xcd_bluechristmas_blueornament4 c/p as a new layer and resize this by 24% and place at the end of the string of one of the hanging blue ornaments now open xcd_bluechristmas_ornament1 c/p as a new layer and resize this by 19% now you want to rotate it so it matches up with the string you want to add it grab your eraser and erase any strings sticking above your bows, now lets open xcd_bluechristmas_blueornament2 c/p as a new layer and resize this by 30% and place at the bottom right of the frame, open xcd_bluechristmas_pincone c/p as a new layer and resize by 23% now rotate to the right by 115% place with the little tree ornament now open xcd_bluechristmas_blueornament1 c/p as a new layer and resize this by 15% now mirror this and place with the tree and pinecone, now lets open xcd_bluechristmas_ornament2 c/p as a new layer and resize this by 22% and rotate to the right by 66% place this with the other things at the bottom right, when you are happy with your tag add a dropshadow of choice to your elements and a tube of choice, hide the white background layer and merge visible I always resize my finished tag BEFORE adding my copyright info, it makes this seem clearer, add your name and copy right information and Save the way you prefer to save tags, I hope you enjoyed this tut smiles christy Ü
Below is an example that Charlene Sent to me from my tut


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